Contact lens suitability "depends on the individual"

Contact lens suitability "depends on the individual"

The most suitable type of contact lens for somebody who requires vision correction depends entirely on the individual, it has been observed.

According to Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, contact lenses can affect the eyes differently depending on the person's tolerance for them and the lenses they are wearing.

"Some people get dry skin and others have oily skin - you can get a similar kind of thing with the quality of your tear fluid. Some people have a watery tear fluid and others dry out quite quickly," he noted.

The main thing to remember is that people are all different and one lens that works well for one person doesn't necessarily work best for another, he explained.

Mr Rebello said the skill to getting clear, comfortable lenses that work for the person is by is finding the right optician, and the best way to find the right optician is often by word of mouth.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801408452-ADNFCR

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