"Wear contact lenses when chopping onions"

"Wear contact lenses when chopping onions"

Wearing contact lenses has been suggested as a way of keeping oneself from crying while chopping onions.

A reader of the LA Times, identified only as James, was quoted on the publication"s blog after it ran an article about caramelised onions.

The article prompted a flurry of responses from readers about how to prevent eye watering while cutting onions.

James said that he wears his contact lenses when chopping up the vegetable in order to spare his eyes.

"I think the soft lenses are permeable to oxygen but not so much to the volatile onion fragrance that causes tearing," he said.

Suggestions from other readers included chilling onions before chopping them or wearing goggles.

Website thenakedscientists.com says that contact lenses create a barrier between the irritant chemical sin-propantheal-S-oxide and the nerves of the cornea.

In addition, it points out that contact lens wearers produce more tears and this helps to wash things away before the nerves can become irritated.

by Martin Burns

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