New contact lens developments "always around the corner"

New contact lens developments "always around the corner"

Such is the nature of the contact lens market that new developments are always around the corner, meaning that wearers have more choice than ever.

That is the opinion of Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, who said that contact lens users, particularly people who play sport, should keep their eyes peeled for new developments and check with their optician for new products.

One of the key areas of development at the moment is solutions for people with astigmatism, he noted.

"In the past, they had to have monthly lenses or their vision would be compromised. You can actually get daily disposable lenses in most astigmatism prescriptions now. So, you can literally wear them for your sport," he added.

The expert added that some of the newer lenses have more fluid in them so they do not dry out as quickly as they have done in the past, and also stay more comfortable for longer.

"Some have a silicon material in them so they allow a lot more oxygen. From a sports point of view, better performance needs more oxygen. You need your eyes performing at their best for sport," Mr Rebello added

There are now also daily contact lenses and general lenses that people can get in varifocal form, which are ideal for the older person.

A good example of their benefits is in golf, where people can hit the ball off the tee, but then if they want to mark their score they can still see up-close.

Mr Rebello stressed that his advice will not necessarily be right for everyone, however, and recommended seeking advice from an eyecare professional before making any decisions.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801414309-ADNFCR

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