Mark Boucher "could recover most of his eyesight"

Mark Boucher "could recover most of his eyesight"

By Alexa Kaczka

South African cricketer Mark Boucher, who was recently forced to retire from international cricket after suffering a severe eye injury, may recover the majority of sight in his left eye, experts have claimed.

In a statement, the 35-year-old's doctor Peter Sandell said that there is plenty of hope for the wicketkeeper and star batsman, who may only need to wear contact lenses or glasses when his recovery is complete.

The injury occurred during a warm-up match early this month in preparation for the Proteas' three-Test series in England when a dislodged ball sliced his eyeball and initially it was feared he could completely lose all vision in his left eye.

Dr Sandell revealed that, due to the severity of the injury, as well as the pain related to the recent lengthy surgical procedure, Boucher has been strictly house-bound.

However, over the next three to six months, he will undergo further surgery procedures in an attempt to improve his vision.

"While it is impossible to predict the long-term outcome of Mark's eye injury, his medical team are nevertheless cautiously optimistic that he will have a reasonable recovery of the vision in his left eye," the doctor stated.

by Martin Burns

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