Dangers of unofficial contact lenses highlighted

Dangers of unofficial contact lenses highlighted

By Emily Tait

The dangers associated with wearing contact lenses that are not approved or regulated by a professional healthcare body or sold by a reputable vendor have been highlighted.

According to the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, there has been a recent rise in the number of people being admitted to the facility with eye problems, with bogus contact lenses often the main reason for this.

The hospital pointed out that, unlike approved contact lenses that pose no danger to vision and can offer excellent visual acuity, the counterfeit versions often have none of the protective qualities.

They simply alter the appearance of the cornea, which serves the purely aesthetic purpose that many people buy them for, but also compromises the vision of those who wear them.

Rizwan Ullah Asghar, executive director of the hospital, told the News Tribe: "Many boys and girls who want to make an impact on special occasions by changing the apparent colour of the eyes end up developing ulcers or losing sight because their choice."

The only guarantee of healthy eyesight is to choose reputable products and avoid any counterfeit versions, no matter how appealing they may be.

by Emily Tait

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