Expert: "Keep an eye on signs of vision problems"

Expert: "Keep an eye on signs of vision problems"

Members of the public have been urged to keep an eye out for several telltale signs of vision problems, in order to prevent them from progressing.

Dr Michael Pier, director of professional relations for the Bausch + Lomb North American Vision Care business, told Florida Today that an inability to see up close and small print becoming difficult to read may be some of the first signs that a person has presbyopia.

Likewise, those with cloudy vision who find it difficult to read or watch TV may have cataracts, and should be checked out as soon as possible.

A loss of peripheral vision, or tunnel vision, could indicate that people have glaucoma, with early treatment preventing this from getting worse.

Meanwhile, floating spots are also something that could be a sign of underlying problems.

"It's normal to see an occasional floating black speck, but if you start to see specks more frequently and they are accompanied by flashes of light, you could have the first stages of retinal detachment. Seek an eye care professional immediate," Dr Pier advises.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801429753-ADNFCR

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