Laser eye surgery "a great long-term option"

Laser eye surgery "a great long-term option"

By Alexa Kaczka

People looking for a great long-term vision correction solution will find that laser eye surgery could be the answer to all their problems, according to one expert.

The person who would rather not wear glasses should definitely consider laser eye surgery, said Danielle Shanks, lead optometrist at Ultralase.

"Laser eye surgery has advanced dramatically in the past ten years, offering a wide range of tailor-made options for an individual whether they are short-sighted, long-sighted or those who are presbyopic," she explained.

The newest treatment available, Supracor, looks to aid those who are presbyopic and could offer a long-term vision improvement that considerably improves people's quality of life, she explained.

Statistics also show that there is a lower risk of infection with laser vision correction than other forms of vision correction, which Ms Shanks says could further enhance the appeal of the procedure.

"After laser vision correction there is no longer the inconvenience of carrying several pairs of glasses around. In the long-term laser vision correction can save you money," the expert said.

by Alexa Kaczka

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