Do darker eyes mean faster reactions?

Do darker eyes mean faster reactions?

The theory that darker eyes may mean a person has quicker reaction times has been discussed in a publication.

Quoting a New York Times report, seattlepi.com said that there was "limited evidence" that the colour of a person"s eyes could have an impact on their sight.

While people with lighter eyes are more light sensitive, having less protective pigment, scientists say that more research is needed before it can be proven whether or not dark eyes mean reactions are faster.

The report looked at a University of Louiseville study which found that people with dark eyes outperformed others at hitting balls and other activities classed as "reactive type".

But light-eyed people scored more highly at "self-paced" activities such as hitting golf balls.

Other studies have come to different conclusions.

Acuvue has stressed the role contact lenses can play for athletes.

On its website, it says that optimising eyesight "can mean the difference between champion and also-ran".

by Adrian Galbreth

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