Visually impaired journalist gives account

Visually impaired journalist gives account

A freelance journalist who suffers from vision problems has written about how she overcomes her difficulty to do her job.

Writing on journalism.co.uk, Lesley Smith explains how being born four months premature caused her to suffer retrolental fibroplasias.

She is almost blind in her right eye and is very short-sighted in her left, as well as having close to no ability to recognise faces and being unable to perceive depth or see in 3D.

Ms Smith explained how her sight impairment means she cannot drive and has difficulty with her shorthand and that she wears glasses and a contact lens.

She described use of online media, such as IM and email as "a godsend" and pointed out that having visual problems does not affect her capacity to produce copy to deadline.

"Apart from driving round assault courses, I can do everything any other journalist can," she wrote.

by Alexa Kaczka

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