Remember contact lens supplies when preparing for disaster

Remember contact lens supplies when preparing for disaster

A newspaper has included contact lens supplies in a list of things to have in preparation of a disaster.

The Mormon Times has issued a guide on how to stay ready for a number of potential catastrophes.

It provides a checklist of things to have in supply in the event of such events as evacuation over a chemical spill, flood or earthquake, which it says are possibilities in Utah.

"Don"t forget extra contact lens solution and sanitary supplies," it urges readers who are gathering medical items.

In addition, people should make sure they have tools, such as a wrench to turn off the gas, copies of important documents, water, non-perishable and high-protein food and supplies for any pets.

Acuvue has made clear the importance of taking proper care of contact lenses.

Daily wear lenses, which are not one-use only and must be taken out at night, need to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

The lens case will also need to be changed regularly. So make sure you have adequate supplies.

by Emily Tait

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