Fake contact lenses seized in China

Fake contact lenses seized in China

By Martin Burns

Contact lens wearers should always buy their eyewear from a reputable retailer. Not knowing the origin of your contact lenses could result in serious health implications.

Buying your contacts through a trusted seller will insure that they are of the highest quality and the right prescription for your eyes.

Chinese police recently confiscated more than 1.8 million fake contact lenses worth more than 61 million yuan (£5.9 million).

Police had received a tip-off in June concerning the illegal manufacturing of contact lenses and upon inspection discovered that the company was operating without a permit.

According to the police, the illegal operation had been running for the last four years.

Three people thought to be a part of the ring responsible for manufacturing and distributing the lenses have been arrested.

Samples of the contact lenses were sent for testing, all of which failed the quality test.

It is currently unknown how many of these lenses were sold to the general public.

by Emily Tait

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