Choosing the right contact lens for you

Choosing the right contact lens for you

Choosing the right contact lenses for you and your lifestyle is an important and sometimes difficult decision.

When buying contact lenses, they should always be fitted and prescribed by an eye specialist. Buying contact lenses without a prescription can pose a serious risk to your sight or eye health.

There are three main types of popular contact lenses:

Daily Disposable Lenses. These are the healthiest type of contact lens and are designed to be worn for one day and removed and disposed of before sleeping. These are convenient as there is no need to clean or store these lenses.

2 weekly or Monthly disposable lenses . Designed to be worn during the day for two to four weeks, these lenses must be removed before sleeping, cleaned and stored, and disposed of at the end of their prescribed duration. Some, but not all, contact lenses can be worn throughout the night, but make sure you talk to an eye care professional if this is something you are interested in.

Coloured lenses . These are designed to change the appearance of the eye and may also correct refractive error. These lenses come in both daily and monthly options, it's advised you buy from a reputable retailer.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801457345-ADNFCR

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