Makeup and contact lenses

Makeup and contact lenses

Wearers of contact lenses use to be advised that wearing makeup was not a good idea.

This was "conventional wisdom" that it is an outmoded notion, unfortunately this can still be advised by some eye care practitioners or older contact lens wearers.

However, there are some guidelines for specific types of makeup for contact lens wearers to use and what to do to maintain healthy eyes.

People should choose waterproof mascara so it won"t run if there is a need to apply re-wetting drops.

Mascara should be replaced monthly, eyeliners every three months and eye shadows every six months.

This is because makeup is like food - it collects dirt and bacteria over time and goes off, presenting the risk of eye infection.

People should also choose hypoallergenic cosmetics if possible.

In addition, it stated: "If you must put in your lenses before putting on makeup, be careful applying face powder and powdered eye shadows

"Avoid moving the lens when applying eyeliner and shadow."

by Alexa Kaczka

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