Glaucoma day fills out

Glaucoma day fills out

Attendants of an event designed to give training about glaucoma packed the site to capacity, it has been reported.

Optician reported on its website, Optician Online, that its first such education day had filled the house at the Institute of Optometry.

Proposed guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence were one topic under discussion and lectures were given by Dr Robert Harper and Dr Paul Spry.

Optician will publish the NICE glaucoma guidelines when they are released.

Sessions were also held on the use of various equipment and on topics such as disc analysis.

Optician said that it may repeat the event due to its popularity and the amount of demand.

Glaucoma is the term given to a collection of eye ailments relating to pressure on the optic nerve.

One problem is that it often develops over a long period of time and may not be detected until it is in an advanced stage.

by Alexa Kaczka

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