Trifocal lenses to help cataract surgery patients

Trifocal lenses to help cataract surgery patients

One of the most common treatments of cataracts is the insertion of lens implants.

After cataract surgery patients often find that they have good near vision and can see far away, but their middle-distance vision, for instance when looking at a computer screen, is blurry. Glasses or contact lenses are often worn to fill that gap.

However, patients now have a new option thanks to a new trifocal lens implant that offers near, intermediate and distance vision is changing the treatment of cataracts.

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon Bobby Qureshi, who uses the new trifocal implant at the London Eye Hospital, commented that the results of these new lenses were almost instantaneous: "Traditional multifocal lenses have been around for more than a decade but they developed a bad reputation because, while they offer patients good near and far vision, they don’t provide enough intermediate vision for computer use, for example.

"They also cause too much glare for many people. This trifocal lens overcomes these two main drawbacks, providing good all-round vision, with hardly any glare."ADNFCR-1853-ID-801460450-ADNFCR

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