Permanent contact lens helps woman"s sight

Permanent contact lens helps woman"s sight

A woman in Alabama underwent a new corrective process to restore some of her sight.

Kasandra Madsen had little peripheral vision in her right eye and has no sight in her left, suffering from severe myopia.

She told Baldwin County Now that she could not have laser surgery because the risks were too high, given her lack of sight in one eye.

The procedure involved having a Visian ICL - an implant, like a permanent contact lens - put into her eye through a small incision.

Dr Joseph Gravlee, who performed the surgery, told the publication the procedure carries a risk of infection, but Ms Madsen said she was prepared to take the chance.

Myopia is usually corrected through wearing glasses or contact lenses, though laser surgery can be an option.

Myopia is short-sightedness, meaning objects that are far away appear blurred.

The opposite of myopia is hyperopia, or long-sightedness.

by Martin Burns

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