Government dismisses sight fears over low-energy bulbs

Government dismisses sight fears over low-energy bulbs

Concerns that people with sight troubles will suffer from low-energy bulbs have been dismissed by the government.

Eye health organisations had said that the new bulbs do not produce enough light and could pose problems fro those who struggle with their vision.

But Lord Hunt, energy innovation minister, repeated the government"s previous assertion that low-energy halogen bulbs produce enough light for such people.

The BBC reported Lord Hunt"s comments and his statement that incandescent bulbs need to be phased out as planned for environmental reasons.

But Lord Harrison expressed concerns about the quality of the new lights, the BBC continued.

"How many politicians did it take to change a light bulb policy?" he asked.

The Royal National College for the Blind and Royal College of Opthalmologists have said that the low-energy bulbs do not create sufficient light for people with poor vision.

Britain has pledged to replace incandescent bulbs with low-energy ones by 2012, ahead of the 2016 deadline set by the EU.

by Adrian Galbreth

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