Eye makeup and contact lenses tips

Eye makeup and contact lenses tips

For some people, eye makeup can cause an irritation with Contact lenses , causing a feeling something like a grain of sand under the contacts after make-up has been applied.

There things you can do to help eliminate makeup issues with your contacts.
First start by Washing your hands and drying them on a lint free towel, then take just a little extra care over applying makeup.

Always apply makeup after you have inserted your contact lenses, not only does this help prevent discomfort, you can see to apply the makeup better too, also try avoiding the the part of the eyelid that touches the eye, and never clog the tear duct - that little openings on the inner corners of your eye lids.

Never let your mascara get old and lumpy, as this can cause small clumps to break off and deposit themselves under your contact lenses.

Try hypoallergenic make-up , this offers great help to many contact lens wearers.

Your best option is daily disposable lenses , as they are replaced daily this helps prevent any oily build up. If you do prefer the two weekly or monthly options them be vigilant in your cleaning technique, remembering to clean your lenses with the multipurpose solution recommended by the manufacturer, rubbing the lens for 15 to 20 seconds to dissolve the grime left on them from the days wear, and then placing them in a clean case with fresh solution.

And finally once you have removed your contact lenses you could use a good lid wipe or makeup remover, making sure your lids and eyelashes are at their best for the next day.

This may all sound a little onerous, but once it becomes part of your routine you will notice the difference, and you can enjoy great makeup and great vision.

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