Is 3D Printing a Human Eye Possible?

Is 3D Printing a Human Eye Possible?

Currently, the design company MHOX is in the developmental stages of several bioprinted sight augmentation products, such as Eye Heal, Eye Enhance, and Eye Advance. It expects to have these products on the market by the year 2027.

Current 3D printing technology can already produce incredibly advanced limb prosthetics and bone replacements. It’s projected that future developments will lead to printing organic body parts that are equal too, and in some cases surpass natural ones.

The bioprinting process would use a very fine needle to organize individual cells into clumps, which then develop into various inner-structures of the eye.

Some of MHOX’s more imaginative ideas include a “WiFi-gland”, which could send and receive wireless internet signals, as a “filter-gland” capable of capturing and sharing images that your eyes see.

Further improvement could potentially be made to our eyes natural abilities with the implementation of a “hyper-retina”. Surpassing 20/20, the current standard of vision, with eye sight that measures 15/10.

The upgrades would all be surgically implanted, and would need to interface with the brain via a device called a Deck. Once this bionic system is in place, users would then be able to change out different optical hardware on their own without need for surgery.

The trade off is that it would require the removal of the natural eye tissue. For victims of serious eye injury, the decision to install these upgrades may not be so difficult, however with this level of advancement, it’s eventually going to be a sacrifice that healthy people may be willing to take.

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