Is Eye Colour An Indicator Of Trustworthiness?

Is Eye Colour An Indicator Of Trustworthiness?

In a test to determine whether eye color has any impact on perceived trustworthiness, researchers in Prague performed a study involving 238 University students.

Each student was asked to rate the apparent trustworthiness of a person based solely on their picture. In total, 80 pictures were shown, half male and half female.

Overall, the brown eyed people were rated as being the most trustworthy. However, the researchers suspected that there may be more contributing to this impression that just eye color.

They needed to rule out that general face shape wasn’t the deciding factor in the ratings. To do this they performed the test once more, only this time they altered to photos to change the eye color, changing blue to brown, and brown to blue.

Coloured contact lenses are a great way to change your eye colour, but you may want be interested to know that the results of the second test, when compared to the first, support the researches suspicions. Trustworthiness is more impacted by face shape than eye color.

With all of the data sorted and analyzed, it was discovered that those rated as the most trustworthy were brown-eyed males, with larger noses and mouths. The correlation between facial features and trustworthiness is less prominent among females. Any perceived trend that might suggest so was statistically insignificant.

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