Bausch & Lomb is testing a new lens called Ultra.

Bausch & Lomb is testing a new lens called Ultra.

The last significant new contact lens material, silicon hydrogel, was introduced nearly a decade ago in 2008.

Many things have changed since then, which also saw the introduction of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. The iPhone has led to many positive changes but like anything it has its downsides.

We’re seeing some of the negative effects in posture, as many people spend their days looking down at their screens. Texting while driving is a critical safety issue which has cost lives.

On a lesser but still critical note, the digital age has caused an epidemic of dry eye.

Bausch & Lomb recognized the problem/opportunity and is testing a new lens called Ultra, expected to come to market this summer. Ultra is designed to be moister by using a Bausch & Lomb technology called Moisture Seal. Moisture seal helps boost levels of PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone).

Bausch & Lomb claims that Ultra maintains 95% moisture for 16 hours. The company also claims that it has “best-in- class oxygen transmissibility, water content and modulus and recommends the lens for patients who spend “long hours using digital devices…end of day comfort..[and who experience] blurriness…” and those “looking for improvements in overall contact lens comfort or vision.”

That’s a rather large market in 2016 as most people now spend an enormous amount of time staring at screens of one sort or another.

Bausch & Lomb has the lenses currently in trial and during the trial the lenses (but not the other costs such as an eye exam) are free.

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