Teacher Nearly Goes Blind, Specsavers Saves Her Eyesight

 Teacher Nearly Goes Blind, Specsavers Saves Her Eyesight

Primary school teacher Lauren Roberts, 25, planned for an ordinary eye exam before taking a trip to Dublin, Ireland. After all, Specsavers offered a free eye exam, so it seemed like she had nothing to lose. Little did she realize, she was on the cusp of losing her eyesight completely.

During her exam, Dr. Gurpreet Bains discovered worrying damage near the back of Roberts’ eyes, and recommended that she seek immediately seek emergency medical attention. Less than an hour later, and she was under the care of doctors at University Hospital. There, they were able to examine the tears in the retina in each of her eyes.

By the doctors’; estimate, she had a 30% chance of blindness in one eye, and a 15% chance in the other. Only moments later she was being prepared for emergency laser eye surgery, which has saved her sight completely.

Had her condition not been caught, blindness could have set in at any time.

After leaving the hospital, and making a full recovery, Lauren has shared her experience
with those close to her. “Since I went to Specsavers for my check up four or five of my friends have been to the opticians for check ups in case they have something wrong they don’t know about. You take your vision for granted and I’m just so fortunate that the problem was picked up and my sight was saved. Specsavers have been amazing and I can’t thank them enough.”

The type of damage to Lauren’s retinas is usually only seen in the elderly, those with very shortsighted vision, or that have suffered traumatic injuries. Lauren fit none of those criteria, and her case is considered to be very unusual by the medical professionals that treated her.

“We’re glad that we were able to help Lauren – her story is quite rare but cases like this do happen and it’s important that people don’t neglect their eye health as opticians can pick up a range of conditions just by examining your eyes. Aim to see your optician at least every two years or pop in straight away if you are experiencing any unusual shortsighted vision symptoms” said Dr. Bains.

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