New Augmented Reality Glasses Featuring Eye Tracking Technology Debut At AWE 2016

New Augmented Reality Glasses Featuring Eye Tracking Technology Debut At AWE 2016

SensoMotoric Instruments, pioneers in eye tracking technology, and Lumus, leaders in augmented reality (AR) near-to- eye displays have teamed up in order to create a unique and ground breaking AR experience with the Lumus DK-50 AR glasses.

The device is equipped with dual eye tracking cameras, along with SMI’s advanced proprietary software, with work in conjunction to follow and respond to the wearer’s gaze.

The end result is a hands-free user experience that allows the wearer to interact with their surroundings simply by looking at them.

This type of intuitive and hands-free functionality is likely to become very advantageous for a wide range of fields and professions, including manufacturing, logistics, technical services, and medicine.

The ability to scan a bar-code, address, or any other type of written, formatted data with only a brief glance can prove to be invaluable once deployed.

When commenting on the device, Christian Villwock, Director of SMI’s OEM Solutions Business said “The ability to superimpose information and instructions onto real objects gives the wearer the benefit of at-a- glance, attention-based information. In the workplace this could be cargo instructions, patient health data, or machine performance analysis.

Given the augmented reality market is set to be as big as the smartphone market in 5-10 years, we see a wealth of opportunities beyond this collaboration.”

This modified Lumus DK-50 will be showcased at Augmented World Expo(TM) (AWE) June 1-2, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

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