New Treatment for Patients of Cataract Surgery Avoids Use of Expensive Eye Drops.

New Treatment for Patients of Cataract Surgery Avoids Use of Expensive Eye Drops.

The Kearny Eye Institute in Kearny, Nebraska is offering a new method of treatment for patients that have undergone surgery to treat cataracts. Rather than the normal course of treatments, which rely on costly prescription drugs, this new treatment method uses a time-released drug that is administered at the time of surgery.

There are many benefits to this new form of treatment. For the patients, the costs are lower, and the treatment is much more convenient, as there are no routine eye drops to remember to apply. For that same reason, doctors have less to worry about in regards to the patient's compliance with the prescribed medication.

“Cataract surgery is incredibly successful in the right hands, and the most common complaints and questions we get surround the eye drop regimen and their costs,” said Dr. T.J. Clinch, one of the two doctors that perform the procedure. “While insurance does not reimburse our surgery center for the injection cost, there is no added cost to the patient and this option saves our patients hundreds of dollars they would otherwise spend on their prescription eye drops.”

By comparison, the traditional treatment can be rather complicated and inconvenient. Several different types of eye drops need to be administered at specific times each day, all at different intervals from one another. These drops are used to limit eye inflammation and reduce the risk of infection. Failure to comply with the strict regime can reduce the likelihood of success.

Under the new method, many patients will not need any eye drops at all. Those few that do need them are only responsible for a single anti-inflammatory eye drop application each day, usually not lasting more than two weeks.

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