New Massaging Device Aims To Reduce Eye Strain.

New Massaging Device Aims To Reduce Eye Strain.

It might look like one of the many virtual reality devices coming to the market, but the Aurai Mask has no screens inside. Instead, it’s a new product that is designed to relieve eye strain, a problem becoming more and more common in the world.

It pumps cool water through soft pads that rest directly on the eyelids and surrounding areas of the face. As the water pulses, soothing vibrations cool and penetrate into the eyes and muscles, relaxing them and making them feel rejuvenated.

According to Geoffrey Sung, the Aurai Mask’s designer, this is the first eye massage device to be sold globally.

“There is cooling, vibration and heating. The commands for those simple functions are transmitted into the mask, so that the motors in here can send water into the mask,” he said.

What’s really interesting, Sung says, is the mask’s ability to adjust the water/s temperature by means of a cold inducing wafer. The parts of the mask that cool and move the water generate waste heat, which is then used to warm the water.

Project manager Eric Chu said designing the mask wasn’t easy, either. Fitting all of the necessary components into a small space that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear was quite a challenge.

“We found the smallest button shaped motor in the world. Placed in an appropriate spot, it can slowly amplify the rippling effect. So when the users put on (the massager) they not only feel the water flow by, but there is also a sensation of something gently patting (the eye). As to the functions, we set options for weak and strong, so users can choose the intensity of vibrations according to their preferences,”he said.

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