Routine Eye Exams Can Reveal Health Problems, Not Just Eye Problems

Routine Eye Exams Can Reveal Health Problems, Not Just Eye Problems

It’s easy to think that regularly scheduled eye exams aren’t that important, especially if poor vision isn’t a current problem. But as Zaqer Mused recently learned, an eye exam can reveal far more about your current health than you might think.

Like many other, Mused hadn’t planned on having his eyes tested that day, but made an impulse decision to sit down for a few moments and find out how well his eyes were working. After all, it had been quite a while since his last exam, nearly 15 years.

His results weren’t much different than many of the other people tested. In fact, 90% of all people seen are found to need further eye health care. What set Mused apart was that not only did he need eye care, but he needed to see his GP, as well.

His test results showed that he had high cholesterol, an early contributor to heart disease. “My dad has diabetes so he has his eyes tested regularly but I just kept putting it off. I didn’t realize that the test could check my health as well as my eyesight.

The optometrist advised me to see my GP, as it has shown that I might have high cholesterol, which is something I’d not really thought about before.

Farah Chaudry, an optometrist for Vision Express said “Today has shown the importance of coming to get your eyes tested regularly. If Zaqer hadn’t come along, he might not have known about his high cholesterol. His GP can now advise him on the best course of action. We want people to take positive steps to safeguard their sight for a lifetime.”

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