Samsung Developing a Phone That Can Be Accessed With Just a Glance

Samsung Developing a Phone That Can Be Accessed With Just a Glance

Everyone has their own one of a kind fingerprint. This makes using them as a key to unlock things like computers and cell phones a good idea, right? Well, not really.

The flaw in that idea is that people leave a copy of their one-of- a-kind password on just about everything that they touch, making it easy for people to lift, copy, and use as their own.

A much better system, which Samsung is working to implement, is identifying users by their eyes. Much like a fingerprint, each and every eye on this planet is completely unique. But eyes have the advantage in that they are next to impossible to duplicate, since copies aren’t left everywhere we go.

Not only that, but they are more than six times more complex than fingerprints, too. When identifying a fingerprint, 40 individual points of reference are used, compared to the 256 points of reference of the eye.

According to new industry information, Samsung is going to be implementing eye-based biometric security features into the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Previous model phones from Samsung have toyed with eye-sensing technology before, but will little success. The Galaxy S4, for example, touted a feature than was supposed to allow users to scroll up or down with nothing more than a glance of the eye, only it rarely worked as intended, and gather little attention from users.

This time around, however, the manufacturer is working on a feature that many hope will be far less of a gimmick. By scanning and identifying the eye of the person using the phone, the S7 may become the most securely locked device available currently on the market.

Many consumers are unlikely to base their phone purchasing decision on this feature alone, especially after their last eye-related feature fell flat, and this new technology hasn’t yet proven itself. But if it shows itself to be both fast and accurate, it may end up becoming a default security feature built into all new Samsung phones in the future.

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