Tenby Woman’s Routine Eye Exam Uncovers Need for Urgent Brain Surgery.

Tenby Woman’s Routine Eye Exam Uncovers Need for Urgent Brain Surgery.

Peta Spiller, 37 year old mother of two from Tenby, recently made an appointment with her optician because she experienced sudden and momentary loss of vision. What she assumed was only an issue related to a sinus infection instead turned out to be serious brain tumor that required immediate surgery to remove.

Peta had worn glasses for many years, and suffers from sinus infections often. At first she felt there was no reason to assume anything worse was causing her vision problems. Even so, she decided to play it safe and scheduled an appointment with here eye care provider. Much to her surprise, her optician then informed her of the unexpected diagnosis.

After quickly traveling to the nearby Withybush Hospital, a CT scan confirmed Dr. Gary Owen’s original diagnosis. It was clear she had a mass growing within her brain, but further testing was needed to know more.

Following a transfer to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales neurological ward, she was administered an MRI scan, which revealed the pituitary tumor growing near the base of her brain, causing her vision problems.

Pituitary tumors are normally benign, however their swelling mass can put pressure on the optic nerve, resulting in sudden and substantial loss of vision.

Three hours of surgery later and the tumor was successfully removed. Less than 48 hours of recovery later and her eyesight returned to normal, however she still remained in the hospital for several days for observation.

“It was extremely frightening to suddenly lose my vision and my first instinct was to go to my eye doctor,” Spiller said. “I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t had the test that day. They made sure I was seen by a specialist straight away, which gave me the best chance of having my sight fully restored.”

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