Lenskart Develops Durable Eye Testing Equipment Than Can Survive a Drop of 70 Meters

Lenskart Develops Durable Eye Testing Equipment Than Can Survive a Drop of 70 Meters

At first it may seem completely unnecessary to have eye testing equipment that capable of falling from 20 stories without sustaining any damage, but Peyush Bansal would firmly disagree. In fact, he found that such equipment was in enough demand that he and his company developed just such a product.

Lenskart is a company that offers home service eye exams to residents of Faridabad, India. Many of the residents in that area that have vision problems don’t have a means of transportation, and are unable to travel the distance needed to see a fully equipped eye care professional. So instead of having the patients come to the equipment, Lenskart brings the equipment to the patients.

This business model works well most of the time, but it encounters problems that most brick and mortar eye care operations never encounter. Most testing equipment is large, heavy, and difficult to transport, making it impossible to easily carry across the city and set up in people’s homes.

Even with smaller, lighter equipment, most scientific tools are very delicate, and don’t respond well to bumps, drops, and inclement weather. Even the “lighter” tools that Lenskart was using weighed at least 15kg.

“These equipments were costly, heavy and every time it rained, my employee would have to cancel his home service bookings. Added to this was the risk that most of these opticians traveled by motorbike” said Bansal.

In order to solve this problem, Lenskart decided that they would design their own testing equipment that met their unique needs. It had to be lightweight, durable, and virtually weather proof. After spending a substantial amount of money on research and development, that’s exactly what they’ve built: compact and lightweight testing equipment that is stored and transported in super durable, waterproof cases.

While it likely only needs to survive a fall down a flight of stairs, or off the back of a motorbike, the design team has achieved much more than that. “I have dropped it from the twentieth floor of our office and the case withstood the shock” said Bansal.

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