Retired Police Officer’s Life Saved By Observant Optician

Retired Police Officer’s Life Saved By Observant Optician

Peter Simpson, a 64 year old retired police sergeant from Liverpool, was only expecting a routine eye exam when he stepped into Bennett and Batty Opticians in Mossley Hill. But when his keen eyed doctor noticed a restricted blood vessel connected to his optic nerve, he got much more shocking news.

For nearly a decade Simpson had felt a mild pain behind his right eye, a discomfort that he had wrongly attributed to his diabetes and high blood pressure. But in truth, the sensation was caused by a tumor that was growing near his carotid artery.

Less than a millimeter away from his eye, if left untreated it was likely that the tumor would cause permanent blindness in his right eye, and possibly worse.

“They referred me straight away to see a brain surgeon at the Walton Centre,” said Simpson, who then underwent serious brain surgery to remove the growth. The procedure, which took eight hours to complete, was serious, requiring his skull to be rebuilt and his scalp stapled back together.

After three days of recovery in hospital, Simpson is happy to be headed home, and is looking forward to his daughter Sarah’s upcoming wedding.

Simpson now recognizes the importance of routine eye exams, and the level of medical insight they have towards the entire body. “Ultimately, one small test set in motion all of the treatment that saved my vision. It just goes to show how important it is to get your eyes examined regularly.”

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