US Food and Drug Administration Voices Concerns over New Eye Drops

US Food and Drug Administration Voices Concerns over New Eye Drops

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International has developed a new eye drop that is intended to be used as a treatment for glaucoma. However there are concerns at the United States Food and Drug Administration over how the eye drops are being manufactured.

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) guidelines are called into question in the development of the eye drops, a latanoprostene bunod ophthalmic solution. However specific details over what issues are cause for concerns have not yet been released.

Despite the lack of clarity over what the problem may be, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International has stated that it intends to address whatever concerns the regulators have, and plans to resolve them according to current standards and guidelines.

One of Valeant’s better known units is Bausch & Lomb, a common household brand for contact lens solutions, cleaning fluids, and other supplies.

In the past, other problematic eye drops from lesser companies have made it to the market where many customers have been able to purchase them, ultimately leading to infections and damaged eye tissue. Any temporary restrictions or investigations into the safety of a new type of eye drop are likely to save many people from falling victim to these types of incidents in the future.

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