Jennifer Aniston Is Campaigning To Create a Chronic Dry Eye Free World

Jennifer Aniston Is Campaigning To Create a Chronic Dry Eye Free World

Recent statistics show that about 30 million people in the USA have chronic dry eye, yet only 16 million are officially diagnosed with this condition by a doctor each year. Although this eye condition can lead to a great decrease in a person's quality of life, people rarely have an honest discussion with their eye doctor about this all too common condition.

One person who has suffered with chronic dry eye symptoms all her life is none other than the actress Jennifer Aniston. This former Friends star is coming out of the dry eye closet to help remove the stigma of discussing chronic dry eye with a doctor. All too often, Aniston said, people put off chronic dry eye symptoms as "not a big deal." Aniston herself was that way. She told reporters in the past that she was addicted to eye drops just to get by. But since she found out that chronic dry eye is an official medical condition that can be treated, she has been on a mission to spread awareness throughout the country.

Specifically, Aniston partnered with the global biotech company Shire to get her message on eye health out there. Shire has an interesting program called eyelove that is intended to educate, empower, and engage people to take care of their precious eyeballs. Eyelove achieves its goals by hosting various fun events throughout the nation, all of which are centered on new research in eye health.

The general symptoms of chronic dry eye include the persistent sensation of something being stuck in the eyeball, temporary burning, redness, tears, and blurry vision. While this condition can occur in men, it is far more prevalent in women.

Inflammation is the primary reason people experience repeated dry eye flareups, and a high-stress lifestyle can trigger more bouts of serious dry eye symptoms. For anyone who thinks they might have a chronic dry eye, it is important to discuss your symptoms with a professional doctor. This condition is the most prevalent eye issue in America, and it is easy to treat with the help of an eye doctor.

A few simple tips Aniston offered in a recent interview for maintaining healthy eyes include never shirking on sleep, and making sure to get plenty of water in your system. Although, Aniston says that she feels the younger generation of today is far more health conscious than she was in her twenties, she recognizes how easy it is for twenty-something's to treat their bodies with heedlessness. Aniston stresses that whatever we do to our bodies now will have an effect on us later on in life, therefore it is important to always be mindful of our diet and our habits.

If you find that your stinging eyes are constantly interrupting working, reading, or even driving, bring it up with an eye doctor.

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