Curing the Colourblind: The New Glasses That Help People With Red-Green Colour Blindness

Curing the Colourblind: The New Glasses That Help People With Red-Green Colour Blindness

Colour is such a powerful thing to behold. Especially in our age of technological innovation, colours are constantly bombarding our eyes with startling vividness. But for some people, the full richness of our colourful universe cannot be fully appreciated. Indeed, for these people, even the grand tableaus of Matisse or Kandinsky can appear quite dull. These people are colour blind.

Colour blindness occurs when the eye cells intended to decode red, green, or blue overlap and get confused. The most common form of colourblindness diminishes a person's ability to make out red and green.

While women can develop colour blindness, the people who are colourblind are predominantly male. Only about 1 in 200 women are colourblind, compared with 1 in 12 men. The reason for this has to do with genetics. Since men have only one X chromosome, and since the X chromosome is where red and green colour receptors are located, it stands to reason that they will have more problems with red-green colour blindness than women who have two X chromosomes. Red-green colourblindness is the most common case of colour blindness.

To help the red-green colourblind appreciate the natural world most of us take for granted, the company EnChroma has developed a novel pair of glasses that can restore a person's ability to distinguish red and green. EnChroma's glasses work by deflecting wavelengths from the light that make the cells act unnaturally in a colourblind person's eyes. This restores a natural balance to a person's colour receptors.

Many people who have tried EnChroma's sleek sunglasses have been stunned with their new quality of vision. For most people, it only takes a few minutes for the eyes to adjust to these glasses. Colourblind people quickly report seeing red or green pop up in front of them with a brilliance they had never experienced before.

These glasses have had the positive effect of getting colourblind people interested in new hobbies that require a deep appreciation of colour. For example, many colourblind people who use these glasses start to get involved in landscaping, gardening, and even painting.

At this moment, EnChroma offers their original sunglasses, as well as clear lenses, kid frames, and even prescription strength glasses. EnChroma wants to add contact lenses to their line of products very soon.

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