Pokemon GO Contact Lenses?

Pokemon GO Contact Lenses?

Pokemon Go exploded over this summer in a way no app before it has done. In less than a week it was everywhere. People are now chasing the creatures all over the place.

As big as it has been though, a player has to use their phone to play it, but perhaps not for long. As electronics continue to miniaturize, manufacturers are looking to pack more and more into contact lenses and that may include games like Pokemon Go.

That’s right, Dragonite and Pikachu could be dancing before you and without peering through a phone.

John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, the Pokemon GO company, envisions a time when people will be able to play augmented reality games like Pokemon GO using displays in special contact lenses .

The concept is nothing new and is the next logical evolution of wearable tech like Google Glass.

No word yet on how you could actually catch the Pokemon; on a phone you swipe, but that’s not really an option with contact lenses.

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