Scotland Will Continue To Offer Free Eye Exams

Scotland Will Continue To Offer Free Eye Exams

The people of Scotland have cause for celebration. No, the Loch Ness Monster was not spotted yet. However, Scottish citizens will have the best eyesight in the world should the infamous monster ascends to our mortal realm. That's because Rona Mackay, a Member of the Scottish Parliament in the Strathkelvin and Bearsden constituency, recently announced that the Scottish people will have access to free eye exams in the near term future.

This news means that Scotland has been able to keep their free eye examination policy in place since 2006. The government hopes that by promoting this policy, more doctors will be able to catch serious eye diseases in their early stages. NHS eye screenings have actually gone up about 29 percent since this program started, and that number is only expected to rise as time wears on.

Scotland's health secretary, Shona Robinson, was also in the news reporting on ways the NHS can better serve patients with these eye exams. Robinson has made a commitment to improve the quality of care given to every Scottish citizen. She also said that she will look into the effects eye exams have on the general public health care system from statistical data and surveys.

Although Rona Mackay has only been in parliament since the May 2016 elections, she has been involved in journalism and government work for many years beforehand. She is a member of the Scottish National Party, and has been involved in charities such as the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

Rona Mackay formally thanked the Scottish Government for keeping this eye care policy in place for another year. She said in press reports that about two million people get eye exams every year in Scotland thanks to this policy. Thankfully, many serious eye conditions have been detected early due to these annual screenings, and eye doctors are able to treat these conditions with greater ease and precision.

This whole eye care policy, Mackay noted, really helps the overall community's health and wellness. It also reduces health care expenditure overall, since these diseases are caught early and can be treated with less invasive surgeries and medications.

Mackay also took time to thank the opticians and the health care employees who have cooperated with the government and made this policy so successful. Without their work, after all, this government policy would mean nothing.

If you happen to live in Scotland, you will be eligible for another free eye exam in the future. Just be sure to send Rona Mackay a quick "thank you" letter detailing all the ways this policy has helped you and your loved ones. A quick "thank you" can only help Mackay fight to keep this policy in place for decades yet to come.

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