If You've Suffered From Dry Eyes For Years, Maybe It's Time To Try Xiidra

 If You've Suffered From Dry Eyes For Years, Maybe It's Time To Try Xiidra

A brand new prescription strength drug is being released to help those who struggle with dry eye symptoms.

The new drug, which is called Xiidra, is officially classed as an anti-inflammatory drug. Xiidra is different from over-the-counter eye drops, however, because it was specifically designed to keep white blood cells away from the areas of inflammation in the sufferer's eyes.

The release of Xiidra marks the second time a prescription strength drug has been put on the market for dry eye symptoms. The first drug that came out for dry eye, and which is still on the market, is called Restasis. Restasis was officially released about 13 years ago.

The main cause for dry eyes is that a patient's eyes cannot produce enough oil to keep his/her eyes adequately hydrated. Since tears evaporate very fast, it is important for eyes to release some oil from the eyelids into the eyes to slow down the evaporation and keep the eyes moist.

The makers of Xiidra hope that their product will help people with dry eyes by reducing overall inflammation. Since inflammation causes all the uncomfortable abnormalities in a dry eye sufferers oculus surface, this drug can significantly diminish common symptoms like red, scratchy, or itchy eyes.

The ads just released for Xiidra clearly show that dry eye symptoms do not discriminate between the rich and the poor. These new ads feature the famous Friends actress Jennifer Aniston talking very openly about her struggles with dry eyes over the course of her career.

Although dry eyes may not sound all that dangerous, these symptoms can be very hazardous, especially when driving or operating heavy machinery. Also, dry eyes can reduce a person's overall quality of life, since the symptoms make it more difficult to read and use a computer for long periods of time.

For anyone out there who thinks that they have dry eyes, it is best to start out with some over-the-counter drops. Doctors recommend trying as many over-the-counter brands as possible before looking into prescription strength drugs like Xiidra. Only after all of the more common treatment options have been exhausted should a person feel the need to try prescription strength medicines.

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