It’s a brave new world for card cheats and high tech contact lenses

It’s a brave new world for card cheats and high tech contact lenses

In China, a man named Feng lost 70,000 Yuan (£8,148) to card cheats who were using marked decks and infrared contact lenses.

Mr. Feng, who runs a pesticide business, was in Dali, in Yunin Province when met his game partners and they conned him into playing.

One player was wearing the lenses and used hand signals to coordinate the cheating.

Mr. Fang subsequently lost every hand he played and lost 10,000 Yuan (£1,164) and IOU slips for 60,000 Yuan (£6,984). He then apparently realized that he had been duped and called the police, saying that he had been drugged.

When the police arrived at the hotel, they found the gang of cheats with 30 decks of marked cards and a pair of the contact lenses .

The Daily Mail reported that the suspects confessed to the crime and that they convinced Mr. Feng to come and play with them by promising him they could help him with his pesticide business.

The police arrested the perpetrators and despite Mr. Fang’s protestations of being drugged, arrested him as well. While the gang earned charges relating to gambling and fraud, Mr. Feng was also charged with illegal gambling.

While the Chinese case is audacious, it’s not new. A case in Cannes in 2013 preceded it with a player there using infrared lenses, marked cards and invisible ink. Stefano Ampollini won £60,000 in a single night before being caught.

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