RNIB Members Successfully Raise Funds on an Icelandic Adventure

RNIB Members Successfully Raise Funds on an Icelandic Adventure

Some workers at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have been very busy exploring some of the finest natural scenery in the world. Just recently, a few adventurous staff members at the RNIB took a trip to the magnificent Republic of Iceland with a group of fellow nature lovers. This tour was so successful in raising awareness and funds that the RNIB is planning to organize its own trek into Iceland next year.

This was a very special occasion for two RNIB members who have visual impairments of their own. Fazilet Hadi, the RNIB's director of engagement, and Kevin Carey, the RNIB's chair, are both officially registered as blind in the UK. They both said they decided to take part on this challenge to try and give back to an organization that has given people in the UK so much.

In addition to Carey and Hadi, Wanda Hamilton, who is the director of fundraising for the RNIB, joined a group of about 30 other people across Iceland this year. All in all, there were about eleven other people who had some form of visual impairment in the troupe.

The main challenge of this trip was a 37-kilometer hike around the Icelandic countryside. There were many picturesque mountains, roaring rivers, and active volcanoes to marvel at along the way.

Hadi told reporters that although this journey was very difficult, she wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world. She also said that the support from other hikers on this trip made it much easier to make it through the whole 37-kilometers. Hadi, who suffered from visual impairments since she was nine years old, encouraged others who have visual problems to find local support groups and to always strive to do the impossible.

The RNIB's future trip to Iceland will begin on March 23rd and go through the 27th in 2017. There is a registration fee of £195 and a fundraising target of £2,450. People who decide to go on this trip will have to figure out transportation and insurance on their own.

Some of the wonderful attractions planned for this adventure to Iceland include watching the Northern Lights, eating an authentic Icelandic feast, relaxing in a hot spring in the valley of Solfataras, and visiting the capital city of Reykjavik. However, guests should be aware that this trip is not all about relaxing and feasting. There will be a total of 18 hours of hiking on this trip, and guests will spend two whole nights in mountain huts. Also, guests should pack warm clothes. The average temperatures in March in Reykjavik are between 3 and -2 degrees Celsius.

Anybody interested in getting involved in the RNIB's trip to Iceland next year can sign up on the RNIB's website. Space is limited, and the RNIB is accepting reservations right now.

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