Google Buys Eye-Tracking Company Eyefluence

Google Buys Eye-Tracking Company Eyefluence

Google just bought the eye-tracking company Eyefluence executives announced this deal on their official blog on October 25th. Although they could not go into specifics behind the deal, all the executives at Eyefluence were very happy with the agreement the partnership they have forged with Google.

The company Eyefluence began in 2013 in Milpitas, CA. This company has been interested in developing head-mounted virtual reality glasses ever since they started. Eyefluence's staff has always been distinguished in the virtual reality space due to their almost exclusive focus on tracking a person's eyes. Users of Eyefluence's glasses can literally use their eyes to move the mouse anywhere they want it to go.

Eyefluence is also working on technology to automatically dim parts of the screen depending on what your eyes are focused on. For example, if you are reading an article located in the left hand side of the screen, the Eyefluence glasses should automatically dim on the right side. This technology is still being perfected at this moment.

Google's purchase of Eyefluence only makes their ambitions in the virtual reality space clearer. Also, don't forget that Google is set to launch their official virtual reality platform in one month. This platform, which is called Daydream, is set to be released on Google's own Daydream View headset. Perhaps Google wants a few last minute pointers on adding eye tracking technology to their headsets from the pros at Eyefluence.

Many people familiar with the tech sector were not surprised to see Eyefluence get gobbled up by Google. Eyefluence has been known for years now in the virtual reality space for its innovative and extremely intricate technologies.

A few other companies actively working in the eye tracking space include Germany's SMI, Silicon Valley's Fove, and Sweden's Tobii. However, none of these companies have focused on the kind of eye gesture tracking technology that Eyefluence has. Eyefluence has been solely concerned with using this eye tracking technology to help users choose different screen options and even to scroll down screen menus.

Jim Marrgraff, the CEO of Eyefluence, was thrilled when he heard this deal went through. He and his team are very excited to become the latest additions to Google's massive team, and they look forward to help create some of the most immersive virtual reality experiences in the world.

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