Amazon Announces New X-Ray Feature, Extended Black Friday Sales, and Increase In UK Seasonal Workers

Amazon Announces New X-Ray Feature, Extended Black Friday Sales, and Increase In UK Seasonal Workers

New technology from Amazon is about to make us all Supermen. The online retailer Amazon has just announced that all of their customers now have the ability to see through their packages using x-ray scanners on their smartphones.

This new feature is simply called "Package X-ray" and it can be used on all iOS devices. Whenever a person gets a package from Amazon, all they have to do is open their phone, turn on the Amazon app camera, and then scan the package's barcode. The phone should immediately show the user whatever is inside this package using the very latest in x-ray vision technology.

The new "Package X-ray" feature can easily be found in the camera section. After clicking the camera button right next to the "What are you looking for" search bar, the "Package X-ray" function should be clearly seen on the screen.

When a person sees through a box via the x-ray vision function, they also have the ability to search for that item directly on Amazon's official website before opening up the box. All a user needs to do is click the item they are interested in and the app should lead them directly to the item's official page on Amazon.

This x-ray feature does have security functions to keep all those nosy neighbors from peering into your precious packages. An Amazon member with this app will only be able to take a look into packages he/she bought.

This x-ray feature was only one of many announcements this e-commerce company has announced in recent days. Amazon executives also announced that their customers will enjoy over 35 days of Black Friday Deals on the hottest items of 2016 this November and December.

Amazon is trying to capitalize on their huge success during the last year's holiday season. Executives at Amazon said that they had their best year on record in 2015, selling over 7.4 million products on Black Friday alone.

This is good news for people looking for seasonal work at Amazon's UK facility in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. In addition to the 1,000 permanent workers in their warehouse, Amazon has hired around 15,000 seasonal workers in the UK alone.

Another one of Amazon's deals this year has to do with the price of Prime membership. Amazon execs have told reporters that they will be cutting the cost of Prime subscription this holiday season.

Amazon is very proud to work with many small businesses this year to offer their customers even more options this year. UK Amazon executives say they have formed ties with well over 1,000 small businesses this year, the highest number in Amazon's long history.

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