A California Based Company Has Developed Contacts For Digital Eye Fatigue

A California Based Company Has Developed Contacts For Digital Eye Fatigue

We all know staring at the computer screen for too long is not good for our eyes. Unfortunately for our eyes, most of us are required to look at computer screens for our jobs.

Thankfully for us, CooperVision, one of the leaders in contact lens manufacturing, understands the plight of the modern day worker's eyes. That's why this team of researchers have been developing the Biofinity Energys contact lenses. These lenses were designed to protect our eyes from developing the negative symptoms often associated with staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

The Biofinity Energys contact lenses have been specially designed to keep our lenses lubricated by releasing moisture on the surface of our eyes. CooperVision also says that the aspheric curve design of these contact lenses promotes healthy and natural moisture release.

Gary Orsborn, the current Vice President of Global Professional and Clinical Affairs at CooperVision, told reporters that this design represents a breakthrough in the contact lens space. In addition to keeping the eyes hydrated, Dr. Orsborn said these contacts help to greatly reduce the "focusing burden" that comes along with looking at a digital screen for hours.

Eye doctors around the developed world have seen a demonstrable uptick in patients reporting dry eye symptoms primarily due to staring at computer screens for too long. Ophthalmologists have officially called this syndrome "digital eye strain." Symptoms include burning, teary eyes, and a general sensation of irritation. Today, doctors believe as many as seven in ten adults have some degree of digital eye strain. Doctors also believe a whopping 88 percent of millennials have serious problems with dry eye.

CooperVision is currently producing these contact lenses at their West Henrietta facility.

The staff at CooperVision introduced the tech world to these contact lenses at the huge Consumer Electronics Show recently held in Las Vegas. CooperVision told reporters that these contact lenses are designed to be replaced monthly, and people will be able to order these contacts through their optometrist. These contacts have not been designed for people who suffer from astigmatism.

CooperVision is currently one of the largest manufacturers of soft contact lenses in the world. This company has sent their products to over 100 countries around the world. CooperVision's main headquarters is in Pleasanton, California.

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