Sony Releases Video Showing Off Smart Video Contact Lens Technology

 Sony Releases Video Showing Off Smart Video Contact Lens Technology

A brand new video was released by Sony showing off the company's smart contact lens technology. The main feature people are interested in with these contact lenses is the ability to control a video camera with just the blink of an eye.

Sony said that these contact lenses will be able to tell the difference between an involuntary and a deliberate blink. The recording technology can be found in the lens right by the iris in each of these contacts. Sony's team also said that there would be piezoelectric sensors in these contacts that would help convert blinking into energy for the contacts' cameras.
Sony is promoting this device as the perfect way to record and remember some of the most cherished moments in a person's life. Any time a person wants to he/she can watch old recordings or make new ones with these contacts.

These smart contacts will have various other features to enhance the video recording quality. Just a few of these features include exposure adjustment, zooming, and autofocus capabilities. All of these will be controlled by the contacts by registering a person's blinking.

To enable these contacts to playback content, Sony used an electroluminescence display screen. This can be used to help users see previously recorded content in great detail.
If Sony successfully creates these smart contact lenses with video recording capabilities, it would be the first of its kind. Sony applied for a patent for this video contact lens design in April of last year.

While some people are excited about how these contacts will bring us deeper into augmented reality, others fear this technology may be taking it too far. One person under Sony's video commented, "This is a terrible idea. We know the nature of humanity. This would most likely be used to record bad things to blackmail people or to spy on them."
Another commentator said this technology reminds him/her of an episode in the British TV series Black Mirror. He went on to say that that episode "doesn't end well." Black Mirror, which is often hailed as the Twilight Zone of the Internet age, often deals with issues relating to humanity's collective unease with unbridled technological progress.

Other people think this could be a step in the right direction. For example, one person commented on Facebook that if Sony could develop such a sophisticated video recording contact lens, then perhaps it could develop a contact lens to deal with vision problems.

Whether people like these contacts or not, they are certainly getting a lot of attention. Sony's video clip of these contacts has millions of views and well over 750,000 shares on various social media sites.

Sony is not the only company getting interested in embedding cameras into contact lenses. Tech giant Google has also shown a keen interest in pursuing contact camera technology in recent days.

Sony has yet to release any information on a release date for these smart contact lenses.

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