A Major Pakistani Hospital Successfully Performs Cornea Surgery

A Major Pakistani Hospital Successfully Performs Cornea Surgery

Ophthalmologists at Pakistan's Lahore General Hospital (LGH) are now celebrating a cornea surgery that successfully restored sight to a 12-year old blind patient. According to a report from the hospital's Department of Ophthalmology, this was the first time a cornea surgery using modern techniques was successfully performed in the hospital.

The blind patient, Alishba, is only a class five student at the moment. Alishba has told Pakistani reporters that she now has perfect vision thanks to the techniques used at LGH.

Alishba's parents thanked both Dr. Abdul Hayye and Professor Ghiyas un Nabi Tayyab for leading this successful surgery. Dr. Hayye is currently a leading surgeon at LGH, and Professor Nabi Tayyab is the Principal of the Postgraduate Medical Institute at LGH. Professor Nabi Tayyab organized and paid full expenses for little girl's surgery. Dr. Hayye actually performed the successful operation.

The specific kind of surgery used by Dr. Hayye is known as Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK). This type of cornea transplant surgery is used especially for people who have various malfunctions in the eye's inner cell layers. These surgeries work by leaving healthy parts of the cornea and injecting new cornea cells into the diseased areas of the eye.

Surgeons working on this procedure had to use a healthy cornea donated to LGH from Sri Lanka. Once the cornea arrived in the hospital, Dr. Hayye used a FEMTO laser to prepare it to be implanted into Alishba's diseased eye. Professor Nabi Tayyab paid for this new cornea to be shipped to the hospital.

Principal Nabi Tayyab congratulated Dr. Hayye immediately after hearing about the successful operation. The principal went on to say that this represents the beginning of a bright new era for LGH's Department of Ophthalmology.

Hayye told reporters he was very proud to be the first in his country to use this modern treatment for cornea diseases. He went on to say that he was proud that "LGH has taken initiative in Pakistan to start this type of operations [sic]."

Alishba comes from a family in the Kot Abdul Malik area of Pakistan, which is about at 30-minute drive north of Lahore. Her mother's name is Habib Ahmed.

The Lahore General Hospital was officially founded in 1958 on Ferozepur Road in the populous city of Lahore. In addition to an ophthalmology department, this hospital also has departments dedicated to radiology, urology, pathology, neurosurgery, radiology, and ENT. As of 2014, this hospital officially has 1,000 beds.

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