CooperVision Announces New Contact Lenses For Computer Vision Syndrome

 CooperVision Announces New Contact Lenses For Computer Vision Syndrome

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision has just announced its new contact lenses made specifically for those who have to stare at computers everyday for work. These contacts, called Biofinity Energys, were designed to help people avoid the harmful symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

These Biofinity Energys contacts were first shown to the public at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company promised that these devices would be able to significantly reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue and dryness for those who have to use computers at work.

So, what makes CooperVision so confident their product will save all our eyes from digital fatigue? The secret lies in the moisture-retaining polymer material in the center of each contact lens. This material will ensure our eyes stay lubricated even while staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

Eye doctors around the world now recognize Computer Vision Syndrome, sometimes referred to as Digital Vision Strain, as a real medical disorder. The term is used to describe a bunch of different eye problems directly related to using electronic products for extended periods of time. A few of these symptoms include increased headaches, dry or itchy eyes, blurred vision, and eye strain. These symptoms can be exacerbated by using a computer in a poorly lit room, not taking breaks from looking at the computer screen every 20 minutes, and using computers with a preexisting eye condition.

Recent statistics show that seven in ten adults have some symptoms related to Computer Vision Syndrome. Millennials and other "digital natives" report more eye problems than older people. Between 68 and 88 percent of millennials polled in a recent survey said that they experience eye fatigue almost every day. Millennials stare at computer screens for around nine hours a day.

CooperVision also used Aquaform Technology in these lenses which, as the name suggests, helps to retain water within the eyes. The Aquaform Technology allows the eyes to breath and stay healthy even while staring at a bright tablet.

Biofinity Energys lenses can be worn all day long, perfect for those who work with computers and text on smartphones for hours on end. In studies conducted by CooperVision, participants using Biofinity Energys noticed significant improvements in eye comfort after only one week.

Executives at CooperVision said Biofinity Energys contacts should be replaced each month. Those already familiar with how to handle soft contact lenses should already be aware how to practice good hygiene with these Biofinity Energys lenses. Of course, before rushing out to buy Biofinity Energys lenses, all patients should consult a trained eye care specialist to see if these contacts are a right fit.

CooperVision was founded in 1980 and focuses on manufacturing soft contact lenses. Today, CooperVision sells their products in around 100 countries around the world. This company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California.

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