Turkish Bank Unrolls First Eye-Scanning Technology In Europe

Turkish Bank Unrolls First Eye-Scanning Technology In Europe

Eye scanners only used to be a thing seen in sci-fi movies. Today, one Turkish bank is making eye-scanning security a reality for thousands of people. The coolest part of this technology is that it can be used right on your mobile device.

Yapı Kredi , one of Turkey's most popular national commercial banks, has just announced that its customers will be able to scan their eyes on their phones to unlock their digital bank accounts. Although this is not the first time eye-scanning has been used by a bank, this is the first European bank to offer this service.

Yakup Doğan, who now works as assistant GM for Yapı Kredi, told reporters his company has worked hard to perfect advanced eye scanning technology into Yapı Kredi Mobile's system. This scanning system will be available for anyone who already has the Yapı Kredi Mobile app.

In addition to the eye-scanning technology, Yapı Kredi is releasing even more new features to make the banking experience more convenient for Turkish people. Just a few of these new app features include scanning QR codes to complete ATM transactions and being able to call the company's call centre without going through a lengthy ID verification test.

Yapı Kredi made news recently for its partnership with Facebook Messenger. Yapı Kredi's bot on Facebook Messenger was designed to help people locate Yapı Kredi branches, compare exchange rates, and make loan estimates. After working with Facebook Messenger, Yapı Kredi employees say they've received 10 times more traffic to their website.

Yapı Kredi was founded in 1944, and it continues to dominate the Turkish financial landscape. There are now over 900 Yapı Kredi locations around the world. The company is traded on the Borsa Istanbul under the ticker symbol YKBNK.

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