British-Made Contacts Impress Numerous Eye Doctors In Portugal

British-Made Contacts Impress Numerous Eye Doctors In Portugal

Numerous Portuguese optometrists are now praising the British mini-scleral lenses called Comfort 15. Some eye doctors believe these contacts represent a new frontier in the treatment of corneal issues.

The Comfort 15 lenses, which are designed by No. 7 Contacts, received rave reviews at the most recent National Association of Optometrists convention. This convention was held in Portugal's capital city of Lisbon and was hosted by one of Portugal's largest contact lens distributors, Nova Optiforum.

Sonia Velosa, the current director of Nova Optiforum, told convention members a powerful story of a 53-year-old woman who recovered from severe eye trauma following a car crash. The damage to this woman's eyes was so bad that she had to leave her job as an office administrator for one whole year. A few of the eye issues this woman developed include a stretched optic nerve, astigmatism, and diplopia.

Some doctors told this woman that she shouldn't consider contact lenses due to the woman's residual astigmatism. However, one Lisbon-based optometrist, Vladimiro HipĆ³lito, told the woman to try Contact 15 lenses. Ms. Velosa told the crowd that after only a few days of using Comfort 15 lenses, this woman experienced a huge improvement in her vision.

In addition to helping this woman's near and far vision, these contacts also helped her posture a great deal. Ms. Velosa said these contacts helped the patient regain enough confidence to go back to work within a few weeks.

In addition to the 53-year-old woman's case, the story of a 20-year-old woman was also recounted at this convention. After being diagnosed with keratoconus (also known as a conical cornea), this young woman had to put her studies on hold. Initially she was considering surgery, but the young woman and her mother sought a second opinion. The second doctor recommended Comfort 15 lenses. The doctor found that the Comfort 15 lenses improved the woman's acuity from 9/10 to 10/10, and she is now back to her regular schoolwork.

Keratoconus is a rare eye disease that causes the cornea to bulge out in a cone-like shape. Most people with keratoconus first observe this disease in their late teens with symptoms such as blurred vision and light sensitivity. There are currently less than 200,000 cases of keratoconus each year in the USA.

Nova Optiforum hopes that its latest convention raised awareness of Comfort 15 contacts across Portugal. The more eye doctors are aware of what Comfort 15 contacts can do for cornea patients, the less likely they will have to resort to severe measures such as surgery.

Both Ms. Velosa and Andre Goncalves, who works as an orthoptist for Nova Optiforum, have visited No.7 Contact's headquarters on numerous occasions. Nova Optiforum has been working hard to build a stronger connection between the two companies over the past few years.

In addition to selling a wide variety of specialized contact lenses, No. 7 Contacts also sell optical equipment such as EyeDream software and topographers. No. 7 Contacts is headquartered in Highfields Business Park in the coastal town of Hastings, England.

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