City, University of London Hosted Major Training Session Dedicated To Dry Eye and Myopia

City, University of London Hosted Major Training Session Dedicated To Dry Eye and Myopia

An exciting training session was recently held at the brand new dry eye management/myopia research center in the center of London. The Division of Optometry and Visual Science at City, University of London, was in charge of hosting this major professional development event.

This event took place from January 16-17 in City's brand new clinic: City Sight. City Sight was designed to be a convenient clinic for Londoners to get high-quality eye care screenings. People can get free NHS eye exams, take a look at a wide variety of glasses on sale, and get screened for diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration in the state-of-the-art City Sight building.

Delegates, professionals, and ophthalmology students all came together to learn about the latest research related to both myopia and dry eye. On the first day, delegates learned many skills related to quality patient care. For instance, delegates learned how to fit patients who have presbyopia, how to remove mini-scleral and hybrid contacts, and how to effectively communicate with patients about complex eye issues.

In addition to developing these doctor-patient skills, delegates learned more about the biology behind nearsightedness and how to control it. Students also got a chance to learn about the interesting field of orthokeratology.

The second day of this special session was dedicated to helping delegates use brand new technology designed to manage dry eye symptoms. A few of these technological wonders include the BlephEx, LipiFlow, and the TearLab.

After all the delegates got a chance to use at least one of these three medical instruments, they went off to hear a detailed lecture on dry eye symptoms. Attendees learned many tips from professionals on how to best help patients with recurring dry eye symptoms.

After the special training session was over, event organizers were happy to see that many of the attendees enjoyed the session. Delegates sent back many positive review cards to the event organizers. A few messages the a href=”http://www.city.ac.uk/health/about-the-school/division-of-optometry-and-visual-sciences”> Division of Optometry and Visual Science received include the following: "The dry eye day was fantastic! I enjoyed every session," and, "The day was very useful—especially for routine High Street practice. Thank you!"

The head organizers of this event were both Dr. Byki Huntjens and Dr. Manbir Nagra. A few organizations that helped make this training session a success include No. 7 Contact Lenses, Tear Science, Alcon, and the charity Keratoconus group.

There are eight specialized clinics in City Sight, including clinics for binocular vision, colour vision, and specific learning disabilities. City Sight is located in the Tait Building near the Northampton Square Garden.

City, University of London traces its origins back to the Northampton Institute that opened its doors in 1894. Northampton Institute was originally founded to help poor Londoners gain the job skills needed to provide for themselves and their families. Over the years, Northampton Institute grew in size and reputation. By 2016, the school was incorporated into the University of London under the name "City." City offers numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development courses for locals and international students.

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