Pakistani Teen Impresses Internet With Eye-Popping Prowess

Pakistani Teen Impresses Internet With Eye-Popping Prowess

One teenage Pakistani boy with a talent for popping out his eyeballs is quickly becoming an Internet superstar.

Ahmed Ali, who's only 14 years old, posted a video of himself popping his eyeballs out of their sockets on some of Pakistan's most popular social media pages. Within a few hours, the video had already been shared thousands of times in Pakistan. Now, Ali's video has spread all around the world.

Dunya News, one of the most popular Urdu language news stations in the world, reported that Ali can pop his eyes out an astonishing 10 mm. Ali believes he can beat the current world record holder with a few more years of practice.

Ali said he first discovered this talent one year ago when he wiped one of his eyes and it instantly popped out. Although he was initially frightened, Ali soon discovered he could control this eye popping on cue. Also, Ali discovered that this eye popping didn't cause him any pain or change in vision.

Just to be on the safe side, Ali went to visit a local ophthalmologist in the populous city of Lahore to get more details on his condition. The ophthalmologist recommended Ali stop popping out his eyeballs at first. However, after measuring how far Ali's eyes can pop out, the eye doctor recommended Ali at least try for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The current world record holder for the "farthest eyeball pop" is Kim Goodman from the USA. Goodman's eye pop was measured at 12mm on the November 2nd, 2007. An optometrist working for Guinness World Records measured Goodman's eyes in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The optometrist used a device called a proptometer.

In case you were wondering, the official term bulging eyeballs is "proptosis."

Goodman said she first discovered her talent for proptosis after someone wearing a hockey mask struck her in the head. Ever since that day, she has been able to pop out her eyeballs on command.

Ali's clip now has well over 100,000 views on YouTube. The entire clip is less than one minute long.

Ali is now planning on registering his name with the Guinness World Records authorities. Only time will tell if Ali will dethrone Goodman someday soon.

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