Fight Against Blindness Seeks Additional Funding At Cambridge Event

Fight Against Blindness Seeks Additional Funding At Cambridge Event

The British charity Fight Against Blindness (FAB) just hosted a major event introducing the group's new Children's Sight-Line Appeal. This event took place at Anglia Ruskin University's Cambridge campus and was hosted by Sir Hugh Duberly.

Sir Duberly, who served as the Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire for 14 years, is now FAB's official sponsor. He told attendees that FAB's goal for this latest venture was to raise £30,000 to design new technologies that will help diagnose and treat children with serious brain and vision issues.

All of the funds FAB receives will go towards helping children affected with blinding diseases. FAB hopes to make diagnostic technology more convenient for doctors by incorporating it into iPads.

As of today, FAB is the only charity in the world that funds both gene therapy and pediatric cognitive behavioral therapy for children with serious eye issues. Clive Fisher, FAB's chief executive, said he was very passionate about using the latest in science and technology to help children with these debilitating diseases.

Fisher founded FAB in 2008 at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. Although most of the charity's donations go towards helping Addenbrooke's, Fisher told reporters that FAB has grown to help fund many other important hospitals across Britain. Just a few other hospitals FAB has helped in recent years include Bristol Eye Hospital, Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital, and Southampton General.

When asked why Fisher was so passionate about his work with FAB, he told reporters, "Because children are the future and the funding needs to go to the right place."

Fisher hopes his work will help take some of the burden of medical expenses off parents' shoulders and allow children with serious eye issues to continue their schoolwork. While Fisher is proud with the work that goes on at FAB, he admits that the charity needs more funding to be able to make more of an impact in the community.

Another participant at the Anglia Ruskin University event was consultant pediatric ophthalmologist Louise Allen. Allen told audience members it's critical to provide all children with reliable visual acuity and visual field loss tests to help doctors get a good sense of every child's visual pathway. With this data, doctors could more easily diagnose and potentially treat diseases like retinal dystrophy and brain tumors.

FAB's main goals include raising awareness about eye diseases in the local community, helping children with eye diseases get proper genetic testing, and supporting eye treatment programs. The group hopes its latest initiative will encourage more people to donate to FAB's many worthy causes.

FAB is based in the English village Thriplow in the county of Cambridgeshire. On FAB's main website, visitors can find more information about the charity's Sight-Line Appeal, major events, contact information. There's also detailed information on retinitis pigmentosa (RP) on FAB's website. People working for FAB accept donations either in the mail, via email, or through the JustTextGiving mobile option.

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