Love Your Hospital Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New Ophthalmology Department

Love Your Hospital Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New Ophthalmology Department

One future eye care unit in Great Britain is looking for financial support in a new crowdfunding webpage. This fundraising campaign was launched by the non-profit organization”> Love Your Hospital for the new ophthalmology centre in Shoreham's Southlands Hospital.

Love Your Hospital employees hope they can raise at least £35,000 before this centre opens in June of this year. Most of the money will be used to purchase lab equipment like microscopes, scanners, and tablets. The charity group is mainly raising awareness for this crowdfunding page through its "Our Vision, Your Sight" campaign.

The Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust currently oversees the operations at Southlands Hospital. This trust also looks at hospitals in the towns of Worthing and Chichester. The NHS said that eye care patients who live in Worthing will have to travel to Southlands Hospital's ophthalmology department once it opens up in the summer.

Amanda Tucker, the current head of Love Your Hospital, told reporters that vision plays a critical role in our overall sense of wellbeing. As the U.K.'s population continues to age, it's more important than ever to invest in high quality eye care, Tucker said. Being able to see the world clearly helps give people of all ages a greater sense of independence.

Tucker said if the community donated £35,000 to the crowdfunding page, doctors at Southlands Hospital would be able to see more patients in a timelier fashion. This would translate to quicker diagnoses, shorter wait times, and an overall better quality of treatment.

Masoud Teimory, who works as a consultant ophthalmologist in the Western Sussex Trust, told reporters this crowdfunding money would help Southlands Hospital provide world-class service to all of its eye care patients. He said he was looking forward to working with the latest and greatest diagnostic and surgical tools.

One device Love Your Hospital really wants to purchase is a scanner that would allow doctors to take 3D scans of a person's retina. Love Your Hospital also would like to invest in a few high-quality tablets with a library of informative eye care videos.

All crowdfunding pages mainly rely on community activists to spread the word on social media. Love Your Hospital hopes that its own "Our Vision, Your Sight" initiative will help raise awareness in the Shoreham community and beyond.

Current estimates suggest that the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust treats well over 30,000 eye care patients every year. That number is only expected to grow exponentially as the British population ages.

Anyone interested in donating to this worthy cause can take a peek at the crowdfunding webpage right here www.loveyourhospital.org/vision. As of today, Love Your Hospital has raised almost £10,000 from over 50 sponsors. The campaign will officially end at midnight on the 16th of June.

Love Your Hospital is headquartered in St. Richard's Hospital in West Sussex. In addition to helping organize monetary donations, Love Your Hospital encourages volunteer work and is happy to help people across the U.K. make a positive difference in their communities.

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